Animal Hope Bulgaria – Burgas is an organization that operates entirely through volunteers, without receiving state or municipal funding, which means that the only way to help our animals is with your donations and support.

Every day we are overwhelmed by dozens of reports of animals in distress, signals that all we can do is share to our page due to the shortage of accommodation and financial resources for their treatment and nutrition.

Since April 2016, we have been in a particularly dire financial situation. We bought land to build a crisis center but the project was frozen due to lack of funds. At the moment, we are barely able to buy the weekly animal feeds and cover the bills in veterinary clinics. Unfortunately, there is a real danger of having to put the animals back on the streets, or worse.

In order to respond to signals, to save, to heal, to nourish, to care for and to provide shelter to all those homeless animals WE need YOU! We need your help and support! Because YOU are the engine of our organization. We give them our days and nights, our love, attention and personal funds… but considering their number, our means are extremely inadequate.

The site is maintained by two people, one of whom takes care of the animals daily, and we also go to work. We do not have the physical ability to constantly share to pages and groups. We are deeply disappointed that our page, as well as our personal profiles, are overwhelmed by constant signals in which we are required to take in another animal, and at the same time, our appeals for help are ignored. We want to help each and every animal but we can’t.

We cannot describe with words the feeling of dozens of big sad eyes looking hopefully at you, or the lump stuck in your throat because you cannot afford to take them in… and yet there they are – waiting and hoping. And since no one should ever go to sleep hungry, no one should suffer and be in pain, our loans and obligations grew bigger and bigger and it reached the point of where we can no longer afford to go further.

We live day by day with the food donated to us. In one week, our dogs consume 70 kg of dog food and our cats about 25 kg of cat food. We have liabilities of over €1,500 to veterinary clinics. We also pay €250 for rent every month.

We do everything for them, and you can do something for them too!

To anyone who decides to help – thank you! We also thank you on behalf of all those animals that, with the help of each big heart that decides to donate, will be fed and sheltered tonight. All they have is us – the people who love them and care for them!

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