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of the CryptoCampaigns website https://cryptocampaigns.net

By using this website in any manner, you confirm that you know and accept unconditionally these Terms of Use (“ToU”) and any other written terms and conditions published on the website. If you do not agree with these ToU, do not use this website or any other resources hosted on it.
These ToU do not consider or regulate any questions arising of or resulting from the provision of services and links to other websites, platforms and third-party software, in as much these services are not provided by the Crypto Campaigns Association.

I. The Association

The Crypto Campaigns Association is a non-governmental organization (“NGO”), registered in accordance with Bulgarian Law on Non-profit Legal Entities (LNLE) with BULSTAT 205136312 and headquartered in Burgas, Bulgaria (“The Association”). The Association operates in compliance with applicable legislation and applies the AML Policy on the control and prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorist activities approved by the State Agency for National Security.
The Association’s website https://cryptocampaigns.net (the “Website”) allows donors to contribute to charity campaigns by donating crypto currency in accordance with their views, wishes and preferences. The Association provides an innovative website for the accumulation of online donations in support of charitable campaigns.

II. Definitions

“bitcoin” – used anywhere in these ToU in accordance with the definition provided by the European Banking Authority as a type of unregulated, digital money with no commodity-backed value, which is used and accepted among the members of a specific virtual community.
“Website” – a connected group of pages under the cryptocampaigns.net domain name in the World Wide Web, regarded as a single entity, maintained by the Association and devoted to providing information on fundraising campaigns and allowing to effectively raise funds through the use of bitcoins.
“Campaign” – an online fundraising campaign, organized on the website in accordance with the agreement between the beneficiary and the CryptoCampaigns Association.
“Donor” – a person, company or organization that donates bitcoins or parts of a bitcoin to campaigns hosted on the website.
“Donation” – a freely chose, determined and provided by the donor amount of bitcoins or parts of a bitcoin that financially supports an active fundraising campaign on the website.
“Beneficiary” – a legal entity, Bulgarian or foreign, registered in accordance with the applicable law of the jurisdiction at the place of registration, whose proposed fundraising campaign meets the conditions of the CryptoCampaigns Association.
“User” – a person accepting the ToU by using the website and/or making a donation.

III. Website access


By using this website, the user declares and guarantees that all information provided herein is true and accurate, and he is of full age, respectively in case of underage persons the availability of consent of the parents or the legal representatives and that his use of the website does not infringe applicable laws of the local legislation. The Association may refuse or block access to the website without prior notice in case of the lack of requirements specified above.
Donations to the charity campaigns on the website do not require registration of a user profile. Donations can be sent by a scan of QR code, copying of Bitcoin address or by selecting the “Donate now” button.

Authorized use

The Association authorizes users and donors to access this website, only if they use its resources responsibly and lawfully, and guarantee that by using the website do not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties and/or do not violate any other property rights or obligations to third parties. Except for the donation purposes, incorporated in the present limited, non exclusive license, no part of the website cannot be understood as or interpreted as granting of licenses or property rights, including intellectual property rights. By accepting these ToU, the user acknowledge that all rights, property rights and legal interests related to the services rendered and website resources are property of the Association or its licensors.
The website is managed from the office of the Association in Burgas, Bulgaria. The Association does not provide any guarantees that the website and its services are appropriate or accessible to other geographical locations. The users who access the website from territories outside of Bulgaria do so on their own initiative and are responsible for their actions in accordance with the applicable laws of the respective jurisdiction.

Unauthorized use

The user license granted herein requires compliance with the following restrictions, prohibitions and obligations:

1. The user is required to:
a. Access the website’s resources through the technologies and means provided by the website and available through its normal functionality and in accordance with the purposes of the Association and the website;
b. Not destroy or deactivate partially or entirely the full functionality of the website. Not upload, publish, share, forward, distribute or make available any content that is illegal, abusive, libelous , threatening, harmful , obscene in nature or contains defamatory , racist, sexual, discriminatory, violent or inciting to violence or terror acts or any other objectionable words, phrases, appeals, claims and qualifications;
c. Not infringe copyrights or other intellectual property rights, privacy rights, rights of publicity, or any other proprietary rights and legitimate interests of others.
d. Not violate intentionally or unintentionally, any local law of another country or the rules of international law or the provisions of these ToU.
e. Not distribute, forward, redirect , share or otherwise make available or visible any unauthorized advertising, marketing, promotional and other materials or means for search and solicitation of clients, unsolicited commercial messages etc., which the Association has not explicitly authorized.

2. Any of the following acts committed by the user shall be deemed forbidden:
a. Copying, adapting, modifying, recreating any of the website’s software derivatives including but not limited to Flash, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, JavaApplets or other code and/or software resources .
b. The use of any automated or non-automated processes for collecting, storing, archiving or retrieving information about other users, donors or beneficiaries of campaigns from the site or attempts to systematically extract information from the website’s databases.
c. Hiding, shadowing, deleting, removing or in any other way hindering the visibility and the access to the website or any content and information available on it or on other platforms where the website’s services or content is available.
d. Circumvention, removal, or manipulation of any elements of the website’s protection and any implemented technical measures protecting the website from unauthorized access by hackers and other destructive, malicious attacks and destructive actions, including any actions that have the purpose or effect of blocking access to the website or loading and/or distributing illegal content, the destruction in whole or in part of the functionality of the website, theft or loss of data from the website.
e. Hindering access or restricting in any way the access of users and/or donors to any part of the website.
f. Perpetrating a fraud and other illegal activities or actions contrary to the principles of morality, rules of ethical use of the Internet, the positive spirit of the website and its services, and the efforts of the Association to support charitable and worthy causes.
In case of proven violations or under the suspicion of any violations in the use of the website or upon violation of the ToU of the Association, please contact us here.

Risk Warning

Anyone who owns, trades, exchanges or donates bitcoins must be aware that the bitcoin price or value is volatile, it can change quickly, be reduced and even become equal to 0.


1. Donors for a campaign need to possess Bitcoin wallet, through which bitcoins or parts of a bitcoin can be sent directly to the Bitcoin address of the chosen campaign by: Copying the Bitcoin address of the campaign or that of the Association and pasting it in the “recipient” field of his Bitcoin wallet on their personal computer (PC), mobile device or account at a bitcoin exchange.
2. Scanning the campaign’s QR code or that of the Association, which contains the Bitcoin address of the campaign, and sending bitcoins or parts of a bitcoin to that address by initiating a transaction from their mobile Bitcoin wallet application.
Donors who wish not to remain anonymous and have their name, alias or company name included in the visible Donors list on the Crypto Campaigns website must send an email at [email protected] with the Subject: “Donors list” and in it specify their name, alias or company name and Bitcoin wallet from which their donation was made.
The Donor chooses and donates to a campaign at their own discretion and risk. The Association reserves its right to refuse to process or terminate a donation transaction or deal if such actions are required by law or in response to a subpoena, court order or any other compulsory act of state. The Association will reverse completed bitcoin transactions to a Bitcoin address of a campaign or to its own Bitcoin address as a last resort and in relation to the provisions of the previous sentence.

Distribution of donated funds

1. The funds collected for each campaign shall be distributed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract between the Association and the beneficiary of the campaign.
2. All funds sent to the campaigns go directly to Bitcoin address of the beneficiary and cannot be accessed by the Association.
3. According to the terms and conditions in the contract with the beneficiary, the Association must be provided with a feedback and information regarding the spending of the funds in a way that, cannot be different from the campaign’s goals announced in the website. The Association shall undertake all necessary steps to ensure the proper allocation of all funds collected from campaigns and shall acquire a feedback from the beneficiaries and information regarding the spending of funds collected for each campaign.

IV. Limitation of Liability

The Association shall undertake every effort to provide consumers with uninterrupted access to the website, to carry out maintenance and renewal actions and to ensure good quality management. Updates on the website, including changes to its content and resources shall be made at the discretion of the Association and without any obligations of notifying or providing a written notice to the users of the website, except in cases in which this could affect the proper receipt of their donations and their use.

The Association shall not be liable for:

1. The quality of related services with regard to the availability of Internet connection, social networks, platforms and other resources, which are not subject to the direct will and control of the Association.
2. The quality of the Services resulting from the user’s use of faulty technical means, devices and/or incorrectly configured software, as well as for reasons for which is liable the Internet provider of the user.
3. Any future damage:
a. Caused by inaccurate, false or misleading information or data submitted by donors, beneficiaries and users of the website or from other sources available on the website, as well as damages caused by unsolicited electronic exchange (spam), viruses and malware.
b. Incurred as a result of force majeure or due to causes beyond the reasonable control of the Association.
c. Direct, indirect, special or incidental, and/or arising out of or relating to the use of software programs installed on your computer or mobile device.
The Association shall not liable for any additional costs associated with the use of the website, including, but not limited to, financial loss, loss of data, costs of replacement of software, third party claims etc.
The Association shall not control and shall not be liable for any other services and content, which are available on the websites of all external sources to which the website forward by means of hyper links In case that the user has any doubts as to the quality of the website concerning its content or reliability, the user shall not use any part of the website. In any other cases if the user continues to use the website despite of these doubts or reserves, the Association calls the attention to the fact that these users shall be fully liable for their decisions with all related consequences.

V. Compensation and Damages

The Association reserves the right to seek, using all legal means, protection and compensation for committed or alleged violations of these ToU, including, but not limited to, the right to block access from an IP address to the website, while this does not waive the responsibility and free the user from the obligation to pay for all damages incurred by the Association.

VI. Intellectual Property

The site contains images, captions, logos, drawings, games, pictures, charts, graphs, trademarks, databases and software owned or licensed by the Association and protected by the Bulgarian, European and other applicable copyright laws, conventions and other intellectual property rights. Reproduction and use of the website, its content or any element subject to intellectual property rights can be done only with the explicit written consent of the Association or its licensors.
The license for use of the site does not provide users with any rights to the objects of intellectual property as a whole or in part.

VII. Applicable Law and Disputes

The application and the interpretation of these ToU are governed by the Bulgarian law.
For all matters not resolved herein, the provisions of the laws in effect in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.
Any disputes related to the use of the website, which may not be resolved by way of negotiations and mutual consent, shall be referred to the competent Bulgarian court.
If you have questions about the Association, these ToU or any other matter relating to the use of the site, contact us by following this link.

In force as of 27.08.2018
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