We are a group of enthusiasts who have been involved, in one way or the other, with the IRC technology over the years; a group of people who over the years managed to maintain their server and webchat users. On the basis of our experience, which we have gained so far, in 2017, we created the largest IRC network in Bulgaria – the BGIRC Network. To date, the registered nicknames on the network are about 500, the registered channels are just over 200, and there are more than 800 regular users during peak hours – all of this was built on 5 servers. The idea behind the creation of the network was to connect people from all over the world, and to create a “safe space”, where they can spend their free time, talk to friends, meet new people and just enjoy themselves without worrying that they are being tracked in any way. We guarantee the anonymity of all the people who visit our servers. We have strict personal data confidentiality rules, which all of our users know and respect. In time, the network took on a life of its own and many new channels came to be created, where people share their professional or personal experience and stories with the freedom of anonymity. Currently, there are specialized channels for programmers, for gamers, for linux experts and others. The network, its servers, systems and maintenance are all financed out-of-pocket by the creators and administrators, with no outside investors. But in order to continue to maintain all that we have built so far and to be able to improve our systems, we need to increase our budget with some outside help – with your help! Thank you to everyone who decides to support our cause and you are always welcome to BGIRC Network to have a chat!

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