Token Nita

Crypto Campaigns is proud to announce that it has created a brand new ERC-20 token called Nita (NITA). For those who are unfamiliar, in the Ethereum system, tokens represent a diverse range of digital assets, such as vouchers, IOUs, or even real-world, tangible objects. Essentially, Ethereum tokens are smart contracts that make use of the Ethereum blockchain.

The reason behind the creation of NITA is that we needed an additional source of income in order to continue to provide the services related to the Crypto Campaigns platform, including its maintenance and regular updates and upgrades. Our platform is currently being employed by a number of international and private organizations as well as individuals, and we are working hard to provide a reliable and stable service to assist them in their fundraising efforts. We firmly believe that cryptocurrencies are the future ahead of us and we strive to be a part of building that future. NITA is a way for us to become even more involved in the cryptocurrency world. On the other hand, its potential as an additional source of income will allow us to develop and grow the platform thus enabling us to help as many people as possible through the campaigns that use it and those that will use it in the future. You can visit Nita Coin’s still-under-development site Here!